Chartering our Vehicles

If you want to charter a vehicle for specified period of time, such as a night on the town, please call us to check for availability: (727) 455-1644

One-Way Trips

For one-way pick up & drop off services we can always guarantee availability. If you require a ride within the next 4 hours please call us directly at (727) 455-1644. Otherwise please continue to fill out the form. After completion of the form you will be sent a confirmation email. We will also call you within a few hours to confirm the reservation.

Reservations Form

Reservation Details

  • For reservations within the next 12 hours please call us immediately at (727) 455-1644

    Do not fill out the rest of this form or attempt to submit it.
  • Changes to the length of a ride or the time of a reservation need to be made 24 hours prior to the original time set for the reservation, or else the full charge for the reservation will be applied.

    Cancellations must be made 24 hours before the reservation time, or the full charge for the transportation will apply. Cacellations also cannot be made via email or voice message, please continue to call until you reach someone during regular business hours of 7am thru 8pm. (This excludes delayed or canceled flights by the airline. Our dispatch monitors two flight tracking systems. If a flight is delayed or canceled for an airport arrival reservation we will be aware at the earliest possible time and will not dispatch a drive until that flight has a secure arrival time. We realize that flight delays and cancellations happen are out of our clients control.)